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OUR PRICING – As Of 01/11/19

1) Investigation Service – £24

To attend the property in order to carry out a visual investigation only.

2) Drain Unblocking Services – £162

To attend the property and to carry out drain unblocking services. This might be carried out in the form of drain rodding, cleaning our debris from the drain by hand or manual tools, using high pressure water drain jetting equipment or other drain unblocking equipment.

The investigation fee is paid in addition to the drain unblocking services fee

Drainage Excavation. Initial Price given is based on setting up on site and completing the initial aspect of works. 

3) Gully Replacement £1,500

4) Excavation up to 1 meter in depth to replace up to 1 meter in length £1,800

5) Sonar Drain Trace £420

6) Each additional 500mm in depth and length after the initial excavation as listed in point 4 will be charged at £300.

7) Gaining access into soil stack and carrying out a localised patch repair £102


All of the above excavations will consist of the following method of drain replacement. To excavate through the ground to replace the drain back fill the excavation and to reinstate the ground back to existing surface finish. Drains will be replaced with PVCu opposed to clay. Floor or wall tiles will not be reinstated along with carpet, laminate flooring, lino or any other internal floor finishing’s.

All of the prices listed above might be subject to change in the following situations. Demand of the business services, Bank holidays and festive periods. 


Drain Unblocking Guarantee, Terms and Conditions

There will be a 30 day period which will include a free call back visit should the blockage reoccur again on the same drainage line that was initially unblocked. Should this blockage reoccur after the 30 day period, then there will be a charge to reattend the property in order to carry out drain unblocking or surveying services.

If there have been any faults found within the drainage system then this will viod the 30 day guarantee.

Commercial properties which discharge of large quantities of fats, oils and grease will not receive this guarantee. Due to the nature of these organisations we recommend for these properties to have a maintenance programme in place with grease control measures.


Drain Repairs 12 Month Guarantee, Terms and Conditions

12 Month Guarantee is applicable to structural repair work only.


Drain Jetting Hose

When a drain jetting hose becomes stuck in a drain as a direct result of carrying out high pressure water drain jetting in an attempt to clean or unblock a drain it may result in cutting the drain jetting hose and leaving it in the drain at the property if it can not be retrieved. In this situation there will be a fixed price quoted in order to carry out a sonar drain trace to locate the drain jetting hose and to carry out an excavation in order to gain access into the drainage pipe, to remove the defective section of drain, to replace with new and to reinstate the ground back to existing surface finish. The price initially quoted for the drain jetting to attempt to clear through the blockage will still remain in place for the balance to be cleared down by card on completion of the visit.



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Quotations for remedial works

All works to be carried out are subject to change in specification as the objective of the quotation provided is to repair the drain and is not the method of how the drain is repaired. However we will endeavour to solve the problem identified without any change in specification. Any additional issues found that have not been included in the works quoted for will incur an extra cost.


Deposit Payments

When a deposit payment is taken by card payment over the telephone the card details will be held securely and used to clear down the balance immediately on the completion of the contract of works. A confirmation email receipt for the card payment will be emailed on from our card payment facility immediately when clearing down card payments.