We understand that a functional drainage system is crucial for the smooth operation of both residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re dealing with minor leaks, major blockages or structural damage, our expert team is here to provide full, extensive drain repairs for both our commercial and residential customers. With our extensive experience of over 25 years, our investments in the best technology and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we can ensure your drainage issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption to you and your property.

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Our Drain Repair Services

Comprehensive Inspection:

Our drain repair process begins with a thorough inspection using our CCTV drain survey cameras to diagnose the issue and find the exact location of the issue within your drains.

Pipe Relining:

We apply a solution to your drains that creates a mould in the shape of your drainpipes, filing in any minor cracks or breakages in your drainpipes. This solution hardens and creates a new inner pipe lining.

Drain Excavation:

For more severe damage, excavate around the damaged sections of your pipes so we can remove these damaged sections and replace them with new, high-quality pipes. This ensures long-lasting repairs while being cheaper then an entirely new drainage system.

Drain Descaling:

If you don’t maintain the health of your drains, rust and minerals can accumulate inside the lining of your pipes, leading to massively reduced water flow, potential pipe damage and in some cases, severe pipe damage. We use our high pressure water jets to clear this buildup, extending the lifespan of your drains.

Root Removal:

When trees grow, their roots naturally grow towards the nearest water source. With your pipes being underground, tree roots can break into your drainpipes and decrease water flow. We remove the tree roots from your pipework and either repair the cracks in your pipes or completely replace the broken sections.

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Why Drain Repairs Are Essential

Prevent Structural Damage:

Faulty or damaged drains can lead to water seepage which can collect in your property’s walls and foundations. Timely drain repairs can prevent this damage, leading to a much cheaper and quicker outcome.

Avoid Health Hazards:

Blocked or damaged drains can collect stagnant water which can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria or even mold in your pipes. Repairing these damaged drains can uphold a healthy water supply.

Improve System Efficiency:

Properly functioning drains ensure that water and waste are properly removed from your property, decreasing the chances of blockages and buildups exponentially and will be cheaper in the long run.

Why Choose Us?

Skilled Technicians:

Each member of our team goes through extensive training on top of years of previous experience.

Customer-Centric Approach:

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. Our team at Absolute Drainage are helpful, friendly and always prepared for your call!

Invested in Equipment:

We invest in the latest and greatest drainage equipment that we arm each one of our engineers with. This allows us to deliver the highest quality drain repairs available.

Innovative Techniques:

From CCTV drain surveys to trenchless pipe relining, we use methods to reduce disruption as much as possible while providing high quality drain repairs.

Transparent Communication

We firmly believe in absolute transparency with our customers. We provide full breakdowns of our pricing and work carried out to ensure you’re never left guessing. We are always available for any questions or queries you may have regarding the work that you would like carried out.

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