1) Investigation Service – £24

To attend the property in order to carry out a visual investigation only.

2) Drain Unblocking Services – £162

To attend the property and to carry out drain unblocking services. This might be carried out in the form of drain rodding, cleaning our debris from the drain by hand or manual tools, using high pressure water drain jetting equipment or other drain unblocking equipment.

The investigation fee is paid in addition to the drain unblocking services fee

Drainage Excavation. Initial Price given is based on setting up on site and completing the initial aspect of works. 

3) Gully Replacement £1,500

4) Sonar Drain Trace £420

5) Each additional 500mm in depth and length after the initial excavation as listed in point 4 will be charged at £600.

6) Gaining access into soil stack and carrying out a localised patch repair £102

7) For each 500mm length installation of a resin drain line, between 100mm - 150mm diameter is charged at £450

8) To carry out an excavation up to 1 meter in depth and 1 meter length. This might be in order to replace a section of drainage pipe, uncover a hidden manhole and to reinstate the manhole or explority work to establish what the drainage situation is £1,500.

In some cases, we are able to offer bespoke prices based on the work you need, why not see if we can save you money and call us on 0333 344 6702 or 07949 364477


We reserve the right to change the price of our services and we will always give a fixed price for each specification of work to be completed before any work is undertaken.

The 10% Discount 

The 10% discount will only be applicable if there has been no discount already applied to the job.

It is the customers responsibility to bring it to our attention before the payment is made to apply the 10% discount as no request for a refund can be made at a later date.